Hi, I am Knut

I run the website called seminar partner

I wanted to take the time and share some information about me and my services.

Welcome to Seminarpartner

Seminarpartner was registered as a company in 1996.

Seminar partner was started in 1996, we have since developed a large network of speakers, significantly more experience in the lecture industry and a well-developed knowledge of well-known speakers, speakers, artists and speakers in the Norwegian market.

We are basically a management company, and exclusively represent some of Norway’s most talented and popular speakers and artists. Lectures on motivation, leadership, mental health and much more. We want our customers to thereby secure the best possible speaker at the best price – and get direct contact with the person or artist they want to use.




Erik Davidsen – Plumbing Company in Rygge

Hi, I am Erik Davidsen

I’m a plumber by  trade

I wanted to take the time and share some information about me and my services.

A Plumber With Expertise You Can Trust

Erik Davidsen AS was established in 2011 by plumber Erik Davidsen, who has extensive experience in the plumbing industry. Our assignments mostly consist of rehabilitation of wet rooms, and plumbing in detached houses and apartment buildings for private customers and municipalities in Rygge and the surrounding area. We install and deliver heat pumps – air for liquid and liquid for water, as well as install underfloor heating and radiators in detached houses and commercial premises.

It’s The Plumber That Matters

Erik Davidsen AS is part of the nationwide plumbing chain VVS Eksperten AS. This means that we have a large network of expertise to play on, and acts as a security for you as a customer.



Welcome To The First Episode Of Lillehammer Spa

Today, I want to share how the Lillehammer spa won the best massage of the year.

Named this year’s massage

Lillehammer SPA has been named “Massage Spa of the Year” by international juries! This is so big and completely unreal to us. Lille Lillehammer, Norway among the big world was nominated and named the world champion in the massage and chosen by some completely foreign, international Juries, regardless of organizations, contacts, or other knowledge.

Established in 2004, Lillehammer SPA is a complete wellness and spa center with expertise in the fields of health, skincare, wellness, and medical treatments. Their therapists boast a wealth of experience and extensive educational backgrounds, allowing them to provide custom therapies for a varied clientele. Visitors can opt for lash extensions, microblading, lash and brow tinting, massages, keratin treatments, skin care, and hair removal services. entering their 16th year in the wellness industry, Lillehammer SPAs five-star treatments make them leaders in the field.

The judges were impressed by the wide range of treatments on offer at Lillehammer SPA, and the high quality with which they are thoughtfully delivered. From HydraFacials to luxurious massages, each treatment is carried out with first-class care and attention, and their well-trained team promises an unbeatable experience. With the spa consistently developing, the ever-changing needs and wishes clients remain at the forefront.\



Eirik S. Jonassen – Legal Assistance & Advice

Hi, this is from Eirik Jonassen. I’m a Legal aid

I wanted to take the time and share some information about me and my services.

Eirik S. Jonassen is a lawyer with a permit from the Supervisory Board for the Legal Practice to provide legal aid. Jonassen has five years of experience as an associate lawyer Øivind Rogne Olsen, and has gained good experience with legal issues related to real estate, land tenure, land change, registration, tenancy law, other contract law, planning, and building law, company law and inheritance, wills and estate succession. . Jonassen has assisted in several cases related to disputes about real estate before the courts/probate court.



Optimal Dental Oslo

Welcome To Optimal Dental In Oslo, Norway

Are you looking for a great English speaking dentist in the Oslo area?

Co-partnership with over 40 years of clinical dentist experience provides a safe treatment.

Book your appointment

Call for emergency dental care

40 years of dental clinical experience
The optimal dental clinic is a modern dentist in Tordenskiolds gate 7, in the center of the city.

Our employees have extensive experience in dental health and customer care. With us, you will feel safe!

Urgently Need For a Dentist in Oslo?

Looking urgently for a dentist in Oslo? Sometimes an unexpected need for urgent dental care occurs. Do you suffer from sudden toothache, or have you injured your teeth/gum/mouth or jaw in an accident? We are available on our emergency phone.

Call us on the phone 412 85 085 and we’ll help you!

Our Dental Treatments

We offer professional dental treatments and specialization in:

1. Emergency Examination

From kr. 600,-

2. Examination And Professional Oral Hygiene

From kr. 850,-

3. Perio Treatment

From kr. 530,-

4. Restoration / Filling

From kr. 650,- / 1030,- / 1400,-

5. Endodontic / Root canal

From kr. 3000,-

6. Dental Whitening

From kr. 3000,-

7. Prostetichs, Bridges And Crowns

From kr. 5000,-

8. Invisible Braces

From kr. 25.000,-

9. Oral Prostethics Specialist       

By appointment



What is online marketing – Explained.

Welcome to Adseo

Today we will talk about What is online marketing – explained.

Whether you have heard it from a friend who has a marketing job, or you have come across a job offer through an ad, online marketing is what you’re interested in right now.

What is Online Marketing?

Well, in the age of globalization, which is mostly driven and moved forward by the internet and everything that is online, you really should have an idea of ​​online marketing. And who knows, maybe one day you will actually need it. Because online marketing is not just important for people, whose job is actually closely related to it. On the contrary – online marketing is also important for business people, and it does not matter if it is a large and leading company in a particular circle or a small family business, which has just started its development and progress.

Check out the easiest explanations of the term “online marketing”:

Definition of Online marketing

Develops powerful and effective tools and techniques, which are focused on promoting products in the global market place.

Using the power of the internet, online marketing today is more successful in providing information about today’s products. Everyone uses the internet and everyone has the opportunity to meet brand new and fresh items while he or she surfs the web.

Services and products come closer to the consumer because the consumer believes and uses the internet more than anything else, including other parts of the global mass media.

This is the most important benefit of online marketing.

Moreover, in online marketing, IT specialists use digital customer data to manage information about the promoted products and services. Such a technique is not achievable in the usual market method.

More Potentials of Online Marketing

The growth in potential and maximum reduction of expenses.

Being free for people, the internet is also free as a digital space, where also advertising and promotion become extremely cheap.

Other benefits behind online marketing are better control and better customer service.

Online marketing is able to connect organizations, businesses and simple businessmen with potential customers. These customers are customers who come with almost 60% of the opportunity to be interested in the marketed product. Unlike regular “physical” marketing, online marketing is more powerful in faster searches of customers, who will actually buy the product or try the service.

Primary business models in online marketing – e-commerce, lead-based websites, local searches, and of course, related labeling. All of these models have proven to be working, and the best part of them is that usually (almost always) both sides – the customer and the manufacturer or distributor – are happy with the trade agreement.

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Is an incoming electronic marketing that gives customers the chance to choose what to click. The click immediately raises an alarm that a particular customer has special interests in a particular sphere – clothing, tourism, domestic goods, etc. With shiny and attractive ads, a customer is impressed at first, and then, with a single click, he is directly transferred to the website with promoted service.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is another strategy for online marketing. Unlike the PPC system, SMO promotes a product or service more indirectly. What SMO does is increase traffic to a particular website.

When the website becomes popular enough (which means visited multiple times) it appears on the first results in the search engines.

This is online marketing.




Welcome to Lawyer Emil Tommerdal Nordby

Today we will talk about Emil. The Lawyer Emil Tommerdal Nordby who established himself in Hamar in 2008 after having worked in Oslo since 1998.

The firm has premises in scenic surroundings via a vis Koigen in an official partnership with the law firm Johnsrud & Co. Together, I offer legal services in several areas for individuals and businesses.


Free legal aid is given.

I also take assignments in most areas covered by free legal aid, see my terms here.

For private individuals, a free half-hour initial consultation is provided. It is assumed that in this consultation I give an assessment of whether there is a basis for proceeding with the case, whether any granting of free legal aid is met, or whether you can get free legal aid through insurance, membership in unions, or organizations.






Solo Barolo – A Selection Of Fine Wines From Italy

Welcome to Solo Barolo

Being a good Barolo merchant is about providing the best quality possible at all levels, be that hidden gems or Barolo cru. It is about integrity, treating our customers in an honest and fair manner. It is about authority, presenting knowledgeable and respected opinions. And, vitally, it is about providing an unsurpassed level of customer service.

These four key values form the foundation of our business and are the prime reasons why today we are honored to hold the best selection of Barolo from more than fifty different producers.


At SoloBarolo, we believe that being a good Barolo merchant is about providing you with the ultimate Barolo experience – whether you are interested in receiving regular cases of Barolo for drinking now, advice on Barolos to lay down, or wish to attend a tasting event of Barolo.

Thank you for visiting our website:

5 Recommendations For Beautiful Skin With Facial Treatments

Welcome To The Prime Medical Clinic

Today, we will share 5 recommendations for beautiful skin with facial treatments.

But first, a little bit about us.

Prime Medical Clinic offers facials, dermapen, beauty treatments, body treatments, podiatry treatments, medical foot care, and medical facials.

Although there are several medical clinics in Oslo, few of them offer medical podiatry where they have the right education and experience in skin, nails, muscles, and joint diseases/ailments. This is where we are different.

People with foot problems such as fungus, ingrown toenails, thorns, warts and rheumatism in the feet, skin problems, and those who have other health challenges, but want to get a safe and preventive foot treatment we can help.

Our client’s complete well-being is our primary goal.

The idea behind our clinic was to create a place and an environment where everyone feels welcome and where they can get the best treatment based on their personal needs. For us, it is a priority to build a good relationship with each of our customers. We work very hard to offer the best possible service, use the latest technology, such as Dermapen 4, and to stay up to date with new information and knowledge in accordance with today’s increasing requirements.

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We Offer Health Check-ups With Ultrasound

Welcome to Check Health

We focus on preventive health and lifestyle. Specialists in radiology perform health checks with ultrasound, which gives us a detailed overview of your health. Check Health is a private clinic that offers health check-ups with ultrasound, diagnostic ultrasound examinations, heart examinations and nutritional guidance. Experienced doctors with modern equipment, in new premises at Skøyen in Oslo. We want our patients to feel cared for and listened to. We take good time for all patients and take all questions seriously, regardless of whether they are simple or complicated. Get in touch and we will do everything we can to help you with what you are wondering about!

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